Sunday, June 27, 2010

This girl is 9 today! Happy Birthday Townsend! It's an honor and privilege to be your Mom! My prayer every day to show you Jesus and to point you back to Him.  Thank you for showing me Jesus and pointing me back to Him.  I'm so thankful!

Monday, June 21, 2010

From here to Honduras

Early, very early, yesterday morning Malone left for Honduras. He's gone with a church group to live and work for the week in Orphanage Emmanuel. He went two years ago with his dad. This year he went with the group on his own. He's 16 and I've watched him grow so much in just the last 6 months. He's gotten his driver's license, finished his sophomore year, matured spiritually, and come out of his shell in ways I'm not sure I ever thought he would. It's amazing to see!

I know it's good for him to go and spread his wings. I know he will come back changed and with more maturity. Last time he went he had a hard time leaving the children there and coming back here. My prayer for him is that God would have His way with Him whatever that looks like. I've learned in my 43 years that is the only way we are truly ever at peace and full of true joy. And I really want that for all my kids. Even if it looks like taking them from here to Honduras.