Monday, April 12, 2010

Powerwashing 101

On Saturday I got Jack to break out the power washer. He got it started and did the porch and then I took over. I did the carport and then Sunday the front porch and found some rock walkways that had overgrown with dirt and plants. You get a lot of time to think when you are power washing. During that time, here's what I learned:
Dirt gathers slowly over time if you don't keep on it. Kinda like dirt in our spiritual life. It can gather so slowly that we don't even see the filth we are living in.
Cleaning like I did this weekend is messy before it's cleaner. The muddy water was gross and really was worse before it got better. It's the same with us spiritually some times.
As it got cleaner, I wanted more. It got addictive. I even joked that the power washer was calling my name Sunday morning. God can give us that same hunger for His ways...we just have to keep asking, and striving, and obeying.

And one more thing...the symbol of the hand with the X through it...yeah it really means don't touch. Jack got the privilege of hearing the skin on my fingers sizzle! I'm sure there's spiritual application there too!

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