Wednesday, July 13, 2011

You'd think I'd learn...

So...Malone has been gifted a trip. It's a gift in so many ways. The past two summers he has had the incredible opportunity to travel to Orphange Emmanuel in Honduras to work. Incredible experiences with beautiful children of God. We have many pictures from both trips. Malone has no memory of either trip.

He will leave next Wednesday to return to Orphanage Emmanuel. He will be gone for 9 days. He's the only one in our family going. It's a gift because the trip was given to him all expenses paid. It's a gift just to get to go. Some people have said, "how wonderful that he might get the other memories back." To be honest, I'm just thankful he gets to make new ones.

His dad called me Monday and said, "we can't find his passport." I said,"I think it's at my house." Guess what? I couldn't find it anywhere. I looked everywhere I could think. And then I fretted. A lot.

I looked up online how to order a quick emergency replacement. Yes. That would be the best solution. Except...Malone was under 16 when he got his so you can't get an emergency one.

So last night I didn't sleep. Not much at all.

And then this morning it hit me. PRAY. So it went something like this: Lord, we know you ordained this trip and that you know he needs his passport. I also know you know where it is. So, care to share?

A few minutes later I felt told to go look under Malone's bedside table. And guess what? There was the passport!

I know God shakes his head in heaven at me a lot. That may be all the thunder lately. I'm sure he chuckles and says "my dear, why didn't you ask sooner? Would have saved you all that trouble and loss of sleep. Bless your heart!"

So maybe, just maybe next time I'll remember to pray sooner! And keep the thunder down...

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