Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Turning 18 and Learning to Sail

All those sayings are true:  "Don't blink!", "Time flies", etc!  Malone turned 18 this week and it is so hard to believe.  I am incredibly proud of the young man he is and is becoming.  We are also a week away from the year anniversary of the accident and our lives (I believe his and mine in particular) will never be the same.  My prayer is that it will always be for the good and that we will continue to see how God has used this incident and time for His good in us and His glory above all.

I came across a saying that says "I'm not afraid of storms, for I'm learning to sail my ship."  I grew up going to Camp Thunderbird on Lake Wylie in South Carolina and one of my favorite activities each summer was sailing.  Even as an 8 year old we got to go with one or two friends on a sailfish by ourselves and sail.  The worst days at sailing were days with no wind.  You really can't do anything on a sailboat with no wind.

This saying sank deep into my heart as I realized that this past year I have learned a lot about sailing my ship.  I've learned to balance the needs of family and my job.  I've learned that I really really need Jesus...every time, all the time.  I've learned that the times of quiet are times to refuel because we will be called on to pour out again. There will be quiet and there will be storms and we learn best how to sail in the storms.  It's when we get to practice what we know to be true.

Some of you have so kindly asked about my blog.  I have been quiet for awhile for several reasons.  Malone is still on a journey.  His life is forever changed and I want to be respectful of where he is and what he is going through.  He is doing really well.  I don't know that I could have handled things as well as he has.  I am so grateful for the community we live and the prayers of the saints that continue to surround us.

I plan to blog more this year...about more than just Malone...

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