Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tonight, tonight...

Tonight won't be like any other night we have experienced before.  Tonight will be different and yes, I may hold my breath a bit.

Two years ago, tomorrow night our lives changed forever and we would say for good.  You can go back and read on the blog the specifics but basically Malone received a blow to the head that would inflict brain injury and put us on a ride that would rock our world and drive us to our knees.

Tonight, just 730 days later, he will step on the basketball court again, for the first time in an organized competitive league.  He has been playing in PE and in the alumni game at his school twice but this is the first time in a competitive league.

It will also be the first time ever that he and his brother have been on the court together, on the same team.  That part I love!  And so I will cheer "Go Celtics" and pray for a safe game...

8:00 Frank Brown Rec Center - be there!

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