Friday, March 19, 2010

Never Underestimate the Power of a Color

It started months ago...a conversation with Katy about a pink streak. A small one underneath. She is so pretty both inside and out but has wanted this for a long time. She had the original conversation with my best friend and they were going to do it together. We never could find a time for them to get together and do it. I made sure Katy checked with her mom so we didn't rock the boat. I know it's hard to let me in as her stepmom and let me do stuff with her. So off we went yesterday to Sally's Beauty Supply. We talked with the girl in there. Elizabeth was her name and she was so very helpful. She told us how we would have to bleach first and then apply the pink dye. She assured us we could do it. Made us feel like we weren't " Beauty School Drop Outs" although I was humming it under my breath all day long. We bought a "kit" to bleach and then a bottle of the pinkest stuff you could imagine...think pepto bismol on steroids.

Last night the process started with a ponytail and a piece pulled down in the back and then just like they do when you go to the real hair place we took a bowl and the kit with powder and this milky stuff and the brush with the kit and mixed up the stuff and painted the piece we pulled down. Then we waited....and it turned lighter. We followed the other directions and applied the pink. We waited and dried it and it was...somewhat pink. So we pinked again and this time put foil on and she went and played a game for awhile. And then....the big reveal...and it was PINK!!!! and so pretty!

And then...Simms comes into the picture and wants a streak. Simms is 13 also...and a boy. A very sure of himself, funny boy. So we did his too...started at 10:00 o'clock last night! He was so funny about it!

But the greatest and funniest thing of all...afterwards as he and Katy were comparing and talking about it. Katy says "You have to go to drop-in now (the teen activity at Opelika Sports Plex). The girls will be all over you!"

They don't know I heard that...I love that!

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