Monday, February 8, 2010

Shower Doors

Anybody else out there have old shower doors? We have them in the master bathroom and I have always hated cleaning them. Hated it so much that I put it off...put it off a lot! I was thinking about it today as I sprayed them down with Clorox Clean up TWICE and then scrubbed them and cleaned off the junk. It's like they are clean or semi-clean one day and then down right filthy the next. I think I ignore them as they are getting dirty. I see the little bit of scum but think "It's not too bad" and then WHAM the next morning it's like the Crud Monster moved in over night.

I've been really trying to focus on what I can learn and apply in my walk with the Lord from everyday things and here's what I think I learned today. Sin is like the crud on the shower doors. In a Christian's life it creeps in little by little and we tend to ignore it because it seems so small - maybe it's an attitude or a thought or the lack of doing something we know we should do - and it builds up over time. It builds a wall, brick by brick, between us and the Lord and between us and the ones we love.

Still processing this. But the shower is clean...for now...will have to be diligent about it or it will get dirty again. Got my eyes wide open for the Crud Monster. Don't want him moving back in!

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