Monday, February 21, 2011

Day after Day

Men will try to rule the world You made
But we know power is Yours alone to give and take
A day will come when every knee will bow
And every tongue confess that You are Lord both now and forever

Day after day our God is reigning
He's never shaken
My hope is in the Lord
Time after time our God is faithful
Trustworthy Savior
My hope is in the Lord

The fear of man and what they plan will fade

When we know you alone are God of everyday
Like the flowers man will rise and fall
But you are everlasting never-ending God eternal

Let the songs of adoration rise
Our God is reigning up on high
He's worthy to receive the praise and the glory

I guess I didn't think this would be day after day.  I thought it would be a few days and then back to normal.  I think other people thought that too.  Most people.  People in the medical world and out of the medical world.   Concussion.  That's all. Headaches for a few days and he'll be alright. Ok...yeah. That'll be good.  That I can handle.  I didn't realize how shaken my boy's brain had been.

He kept saying he doesn't like school.  It's confusing and hard.  I wanted to get frustrated with him because I couldn't figure it out.  But then today his speech therapist popped in my office after his session to ask me how he learned to read the first time.  Huh? (the first time?)  So here goes...

He's having trouble reading.
He's having trouble counting.  He can get to 12.  You have to feed him 13 and then he can go to 19 and then you have to feed him 20.  and so on.
He can't tell you the months of the year.
He can't tell time.
He's got some double vision.
His neck is extremely tight.
He's got damage. Brain damage.  Not saying it's permanent.  But it's more than I've ever had and he is struggling.  A LOT. and I'm struggling as his mom.

He and I talked about it this afternoon.  He knows he has work to do.  I told him I can only imagine what he is dealing with.  Only begin to try to imagine his struggle.  But this we know...

Day after day he will do therapy and homework from therapy.
Day after day our God is reigning, He's never shaken, trustworthy savior, Our hope is in the Lord.


  1. I prayed for Malone today and I will keep praying for him... sometimes your words are really too familiar... i don't know exactly how you feel for Malone since it isn't my son who is sick, but i too thought exactly the same thing with Deb, a few days a week and she will be better, now it's day by day by day, and will be.

    But... shouldn't it really be day by day anyway. For me, I got way to comfortable with trusting in tomorrow and not being thankful for today first. We say treat each day as if it is the last but we really don't do that. Now, I'm much more thankful for each and every day.

  2. Amy, Day by day is all any of us have...but it is ever so frustrating and hurtful when it's your child and you can't make it better. You are right to trust in God....he is the only one who can make it better. Much love to you and your family....especially Malone and you....please let me know if I can do anything...Much love

  3. Oh my! I truly had no idea the depth of this. And never really realized that all of this could result from a concussion. You are an amazing Mom and know that you will be in my prayers!

  4. Oh and you might not recognize the blog name but it's me, Lori Nutt:)

  5. I'm here from Lori Nutt's blog ---just to say that I am praying for you and your son. May God surround all of you with his love during these hard times...

  6. The Nutt sent me.
    I will be praying for your son and your family...may you continue to gather strength and keep your faith.

  7. And day after day we will continue to pray for Malone and for you and for all of the therapists that are working with your precious child. We pray for his wholeness. We pray for patience and we pray that you will feel the love being sent your way. We love you and the witness you are being for Christ.

  8. I am so sorry for what happened to Malone. Brain injuries are so complicated. May our Lord give you peace and grace for your 'todays'.

    I came from The Nutt, too.

  9. im thinking about when malone asked Jesus to be Lord of his heart "again" at the will graham celebration this past march. his dad says he's done that alot. so did i. he has been and still is a precious child of God! "I have given them the glory that You gave Me, that that they may be one as We are one. I in them and You in Me. may they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that You sent Me and have loved them even as You have loved Me." john 17:22&23.

  10. Nutt sent me. I am sending you all the light and prayers I can. God's Blessings on you.

  11. Thinking about and praying for all of you! Love you!