Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Things I want to remember...

Seems a very funny title considering "remembering" is the base thing that Malone is struggling with at this point.  I want to journal this journey for him so that he can look back and give God the praise and see how extremely far God has and will bring him. So for the 2 or 3 of you that actually read this I apologize in advance for the ramblings that may occur here.  As some of you have remarked, "I didn't know you had a blog!" That was by design.

With respect to Malone I want to remember some of the funny/humorous stuff:
     Him asking Jack "what's a biscuit" on the Saturday after the accident
     Simms trying to convince him that "for some reason you just always like to clean my room"
     Chris Garner giving him explicit instructions on how to behave during the National Anthem in a slow calculated voice (trying to be helpful)
     Malone texted me after about two days that "there's an orange cat at the door" (it's our cat)

I know there are more. These just stand out for me.

There are also the incredible ways that the Lord has provided for us.  There really were amazing people with him that night when none of his parents were present.  The family at Lee-Scott stepped in and and "owned" him as theirs.  I'm especially thankful for Pam and Michael O'Brien who brought Malone to EAMC and Mike and Tina Rabren who brought Simms.  Ashley Mann gave me the courage to speak up on Malone's behalf. The staff on PEDs at EAMC were incredibly compassionate and loving in a way that told me "we got this" but "it's ok that you feel a bit scared and overwhelmed."  We were given the pediatrician on call that night who we had never met - Dr. Richard Glaze.  Once again, God provided there.  Dr. Glaze has been amazing.

Last evening I spoke with Dr. Glaze and while we spoke of Malone's slow progress, his main question was "How are you doing? I know this has to be tearing you up."  God knows what we all need.

We are continuing to be blessed by God in so many ways and our prayer is to give Him the glory during and after...

      ...honestly...praying for the after to get here


  1. Amy, I haven't heard yet what happened to Malone but please know we are all praying for him and for all of you! Love ya bunches!!

  2. I love that you are doing this, Ames. Something I selfishly want him to remember.......all the times I dragged him with me to the pharmacy building for meetings...my intermural basketball games that he came to watch with you.... the ceiling in your den in your house falling down one night while I was babysitting....him saying as a toddler, "I'm so HAAAAANDSOME!" But most of all, I want him to know what a huge piece of my heart he has held for so long!!!

  3. "Hope is like a bird that senses the dawn and carefully starts to sing while it is still dark." - Unknown

    Love you!

  4. I know that your children are your heart...it's a mother thing to worry about them and want to take all the hurts away. As a friend of mine once said, there is nothing so permanent as children....and he was certainly correct! My heart aches for you and for all that Malone is going through....but I have every confidence that this is a temporary bump in the road and he will be back to normal very soon. Love you...

  5. Sweet Amy, continuing to pray for all of you. I know that you trust that God has a plan. I wish I could give you a hug. If there is anything I can do to help, other than sending up lots of prayers, please, let me know. Love you, girl!