Sunday, February 20, 2011

There is a Hope...

Psalm 33:20
We wait in hope for the LORD; he is our help and our shield

"There is a hope no matter what happens.  There is a God who's always the same.  Hope does not depend on only what is seen.  Hope is found believing in His name.  There is a hope for all of life's changes and there is a God who's overcome all.  You can stand on the promise Jesus never fails, even if the world should fall."

As Malone and I rode home from the State Championship in Montgomery yesterday where his team had been defeated this song came into my head from long ago.  It's a song from a group called Truth that was very popular when I was in high school.  I haven't heard it or sung it in years! It is true that the words we hide in our hearts come back to us; good and bad. (but that's another post for a different day)

It so spoke to my heart because we do have hope for all of this and more.  No matter what the final outcome is.  Jesus has overcome ALL...not some of it or most of it...but ALL of it.  And change IS what this is. God has given me the words that "He just had a different plan for our boy than we thought".  That really is what this path is and what God is teaching me is to open my hands and let go. A sweet friend asked me yesterday if I'm "just freaking out" and I said "I have my moments but I know that God is all over this and has been from the start and Malone needs me to point him to that hope."

So where we are is OT, PT and speech therapy three times a week for now.  Know that if you see him you may have no idea that there is anything going on.  He laughs and has fun with his brothers and sisters.  There are some memories he has no problems with and some he has absolutely no recollection at all.   We looked at pictures last night and some he was sure of and some he said "when was that?" He is ok in comfortable surroundings.  He is going to try to go to school some on days he doesn't have therapy just for some sense of normalcy.  He still gets tired very easily and bright light and loud noises are harder on him than usual. He shared with me that he wants to be normal.  It killed him not to be able to contribute to the game yesterday.  He knows this is hard for people to understand, especially some of the kids at school. We know that stress of any kind is not good for the healing process.

We are not sure what will and what won't come back.  We want it all to come back.  Every bit of it.  But above all...that God be glorified.

This is our hope!

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  1. Amy- As I read this & especially the part about letting go, I was reminded of a sermon my pastor preached a few weeks ago. He talked about how we try to hold on to things that are precious to us, but the safest place for that which is so precious is in His hand. The clutch if His hand is much better than ours. I pray that you & Malone will be encouraged & know that He has not forgotten about you or your precious family. He is carrying you through in the palm of His hand.